We send our regular Quality Assurance Questionnaires. In response to our questionnaire in March 2020, 97% of our Service Users rated us ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’.

Specifically in response to the question ‘what could we do better?’ we received the following comments:

‘​Nothing from our side, they and the company are great. We wouldn’t be able to cope without them at all, they are life savers! Amazing, I never thought we would receive such great care for my dad’​ Mrs W of Bacton

‘​No improvement to the service is possible as I look forward to your staff visits as they are always cheerful and helpful​ ’ Mr C of North Walsham

‘​Excellent service and very nice carers​ ’ Mrs B of Stalham

‘​I thank you for all the help we are getting, we really appreciate it. The carers are so kind and helpful​ ’ Mrs W of North Walsham

‘​I can’t think of anything, they are all excellent​ ’ Mrs C of Mundesley

‘​It’s good as it is’​ Mr M of North Walsham

‘​At this moment in time everything has been carried out professionally​ ’ Mrs P of North Walsham

‘​Just Keep Working​ ’ Mrs K of North Walsham

‘​Everything is fine, no problems​ ’ Mr W of North Walsham