3011, 2019

Whats happened to the Bank Vault?

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Time for an update on our bank vault in the old Natwest Bank!! - it has finally been removed. After all the media attention in various news outlets, we have finally got over a slight problem of a 12 panel bank vault in our new premises. A local Norfolk company stepped up and took the job on. A great team of men who were as determined not to be beaten [...]

3010, 2019

Dawn – Carer of the Month September 2019

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SEPTEMBER carer of the month- is Dawn Although Dawn is not officially a carer she has earned the carer of the month award. Dawn is employed as a home help and has been working for SMAH since 2016. She undertakes s/user's shopping and cleaning. She is loyal, reliable and forever going above and beyond to help not only s/users but the SMAH team. Thank you for all your hard work [...]

3010, 2019

Quick Action Saves Lives

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Chocolates and flowers were delivered by Mrs H's family today....Mrs H was found on the floor in a house filled with smoke, she was unconscious. Our carer Beverley was quick to take action when she couldn't get into Mrs H's property, by calling thefire service & paramedics who arrived on scene very quickly to help. Without Beverley's quick action Mrs H could have died. Well done Beverley!!, Support me at [...]

1106, 2019

Quality Assessment Questionnaire Results – June 2019

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We asked: Does your care plan meet your needs – 97% replied YES Is your care plan carried out to your satisfaction – 98% replied YES Are you treated with kindness, respect and dignity – 100% replied YES Do you feel involved with your own choices when care is carries out? – 100% replied YES Would you feel able to tell your carer if you were unhappy about something? – [...]

808, 2018

Care Quality Commission Inspection Report

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We were inspected by the CQC on 3rd July 2018 and our inspection rating will soon be published I am extremely proud to say Support me at Home have been given: **An Overall rating of GOOD** **On the 5 Key Lines of Enquiry** Safe - GOOD Effective- GOOD Responsive - GOOD Caring - GOOD Well Led - GOOD Well done to the whole team at Support me at Home for [...]

2002, 2018

January 2018 Quality Assurance Questionnaire Results

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The results from our January 2018 Quality Assurance questionnaire are set out below, we hope that you will be as pleased with the results as we are. Our next questionnaire will come out to you on 1st July 2018, in the meantime please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or comments, we are always happy to hear from you.

501, 2018

Home Care Advisory Service

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I think one of the best things to come out of having a high street presence is local people quickly learn about you and the service you provide. Local people are able to access information quickly. They walk past, they read the information in the shop windows, they are able to pop in. Often the general public are not aware care companies exist let alone if there is help available. [...]