Testimonials and reviews from some of our happy customers around North Walsham.

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“I feel looked after, spoilt, cosseted.”
R Ogden, North Walsham
All the helpers were most kind and understanding. Thankyou!
Daphne Beck, Stalham
“May I thank you for your kindness in sorting out my difficulty”
M Attenborough , Cromer
“Louise and her team of carers provide a Five Star Service! Thanks, Chrissy”
Chrissy Mally
“You were so kind and understanding. It meant the world to us all. “
J Harris
“Thank you to all the staff for caring and being so fabulous. Where would we be without you?”
Mr & Mrs Townsend

“I would like to say how great and compassionate the carers are, and so
friendly, nothing is too much trouble for them, we have only used this
care package  since the 19th August but they are absolute stars. Thank

Maggie Chandler
Letter from Paston Surgery in North Walsham

For the last few months I have been working closely with Louise Haddock for the care of one of my patients who has multiple health needs, and is one of Louise’s clients.

I have been hugely impressed with the professionalism and dedication to her duties that Louise displays. She has gone ‘above and beyond’ with the care of my patient and I am confident to say that had it not been for her input and perseverance, this lady’s wellbeing would have been significantly worse. She has made all the difference to this lady’s life but has also helped me enormously to do my job.

I have full confidence in her abilities in this role and would support her in providing care to more of my patients.

Dr Vicki Bowman MBchB MRCGP DFFP

Paston Surgery, North Walsham

Testimonial from Marion Alston in Ludham

Dear Louise,

Just a brief, totally inadequate note to thank you and your fellow carers so much for your compassion and kindness since the middle of last year. All of you have been absolutely wonderful and I could never have managed without you.

Both Mum and Dad very much appreciated all you did for them – sometimes above and beyond the call of duty.

My heartfelt thanks,

Marion Alston


Dear Louise/Sarah

Please forward my thanks to your staff for helping with last week’s crisis!! I believe Paige and Cassie helped Rog sort out mum’s things for her respite and we are very grateful. Paige has been wonderful with mum’s personal care and Cassie reported mum’s problem with her bowel – they are stars.

Bye for now – not quite sure what will happen in the future but we may be in contact again.




Testimonial from Vicki in Wroxham
Testimonial from Allan in Bradfield, North Walsham

Louise and all the staff

With Good Wishes for Christmas and the New Year

and tremendous appreciation for all you do for Betty throughout the year.

With love,

Chris and Jenny Allain

Bradfield, North Walsham

Dear Mary,

Thank You very much for all the help and planning that you have given to my parents D & B of North Walsham. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Paul, Jordan, and the other staff involved on their case and Support for Independent Living. They are all doing a super job.

Beast wishes,

Mark McBride

North Walsham

Testimonial from McBride in North Walsham
Testimonial from Sandra Spencer in North Walsham

Dear Mary,

Please would you pass my thanks onto your team of carers who are visiting my parents, L & B.

Thank you so much for listening and understanding what we were asking for when my brother and I came in to see you last month.

Although I haven’t’ met your team yet, my brother and sister have. They both agree the low-key, non-intrusive support your team are providing is exactly what we wanted for mum and dad.

Our parents have always been very private and independent people and until very recently managed with very little outside help.

The kindness and patience your team are showing out parents will I’m sure encourage Mum and Dad to accept more support as time goes by. I believe Dad asked on of your team if she would wash his hair – this was music to my ears because it means Dad is beginning to accept Mum can’t provide the care she previously did and more importantly, he is comfortable with the carers.

So thank you again for providing such a flexible, personalised and caring service.

Yours sincerly,

Sandra Spencer

North Walsham

To Support Me at Home.

I would like to Thank you all for being so kind and helping me get back on my feet.

Wishing you all a healthy New Year

All the best from

Pam and Ken Dickinson

Sutton, Stalham

Pam and Ken Dickinson Sutton, Stalham

To Louise and all the staff at Support Me At Home.

Thank you

I would also like to give a huge thanks to all the employees of Support Me At Home, this most special care agency, several of whom have come along today. They have been responsible for the day to day care of dad (and mum) since January 2016, and they have not only carried out their professional duties with kindness, but also developed such warm relationships with both bon and Brenda, showing they really cared about their welfare. bad firmly believed in angels watching over him in the spirit world but I believe that these women, and men from Support Me At Home were really his angels on earth. They not only cared about him but did so with love and kindness, warmth and companionship and he and I were so grateful for this. They certainly knew how to respond to, and to manage his needs (as they now do with Mum) and made his last months more bearable.

Mr McBride

North Walsham

To all the staff at Support Me At Home

We would like to say a big thank you.

all the girls have been a pleasure to have in out home.

Ben and Michelle

North Walsham

I got in touch with support me at home when my father needed some help at home. Dad wanted to remain independent and didn’t want to worry me but he did need some help. Louise and the other carer’s were fantastic. They were always on hand to answer my worries and dad’s for that matter. When dad was ill they stayed with him until the local doctor arrived, which took over two hours. Louise was available 7 days a week and she even replied to my long winded texts on the weekends when I was worried about dad. I wish we had contacted Support Me at Home sooner to be honest but at least I know that dad had all the support he should have got from a homecare agency. Louise and her team of carer’s provide a Five Star Service! Thanks

Christine Mally

North Walsham

Testimonial from Christine Mally in North Walsham
Reviews from www.homecare.co.uk

We were looking for care for my parents. We choose Support Me At Home as they are a local company. We had made some enquiries locally and to be honest we needed to get some homecare in place as soon as possible. I was under so much stress and it had got to a point where I was becoming exhausted. The worry that I could not provide what they needed, was eating me up.

Mum and dad are private people who struggled and wouldn’t have ever accepted outside help. Support Me At Home were so good in the way they came and met mum and dad. They took things slowly and within a few days my parents accepted care.

The carers have made a huge difference to my parents lives, and have taken the time to find out about them, their likes and dislikes. Dad even gets a break when he needs one.

If anyone is entering into this minefield then I would recommend Support Me At Home, they truly do a great job.

Jenny B

North Walsham