Case Studies

Some of our case studies that show how we can support people in their own home.


Dementia Care

With an ever increasing population of elderly people acquiring memory loss, we at SMAH have recognised it makes sense to have continuity of care for this group of people. We have a lovely lady called Cassie who is employed to visit our clients with dementia. She visits on a regular basis to spend anywhere from 2 to five hours . This time is spent making memories, going for trips out for coffee, washing hair and looking a photos, painting nails and cooking. This one to one care is a great help to the family as they are able to take a break and recharge their batteries.
Cassie is a positive carer who has built great relationships with our service users and their families.

If you require this type of care for your loved one please give us a call

Short Term Care

There are many carers in the community, some of that care is provided by home care companies, some relatives and some by private carers.

If your relative or private carer goes on holiday or is going to be away for a short time, support me at home may be able to step in and assist you to remain at home and independent.

We have just finished a temporary care package for Mrs N from Mundesley, Norfolk.

Mrs N’s private carer had to have an operation and was going to be away for six weeks. Mrs N needed assistance with personal care and we were more than happy to put a care package into place.

When that care package recently ended, Mrs N took the time to telephone us to thank us for the care we provided. She also wanted to pass her thanks onto our care team for the wonderful care they provided and if she needed us in the future she would not hesitate to call us.

I took this call from Mrs N and I was proud to hear her say those words, why? because I know the help we gave her made a positive impact on her life. She was able to carry on every day knowing she had carer when needed and she did not have to struggle.

Another happy service user added to our ever growing long list 😉

Judith – North Walsham

Judith grew up in London and was a seamstress for many years. She had a large group of friends and loved searching in old junk shops for weird and wonderful items. Judith has an eclectic taste. She moved to North Walsham many years ago and over time her friends passed away and she was left quite isolated. Her family had long since passed away and she had no close relatives. Judith managed on her own but it wasn’t until she had an accident and needed the emergency services, that anyone knew she needed lots of care & support. Sadly Judith had ‘fallen through the net’ for some time.

Age Concern contacted Support Me at Home after Judith returned home from a spell in hospital and respite, to provide care & support to Judith. We have helped organise her home as it was unsafe for her to move around easily. We have booked and accompanied Judith to hospital & doctors appointments for various health issues: Judith has very bad hearing so SMAH have taken Judith to appointments to get hearing aids, we have provided carer’s to attend brain scans with her also. Judith has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The heating and some of the electrics didnt work so SMAH have organised getting those fixed for her. As you can see from the pictures above Judith’s garden has become very overgrown and her home began to get rather dark inside so we have arranged for a gardener to come regulary to keep it managable as Judith loves to sit in her garden.

Mrs T.

  • Case Study: Mrs T
  • Case Study: Mrs T

Mrs T has lived alone for some years and her health has deteriorated as she has grown older.

When we arrived at Mrs T’s house to do our initial care needs assessment, we instantly knew there were plenty of things to assist her with.

Mrs T had been unable to manage her continence issues for quite some time; there was a strong smell of urine, ammonia throughout the home. Her bed desperately needed replacing, as did the bedding in the bedroom and the carpet in the lounge.
There was no working microwave and there were no aids in her home to assist her to manage her continence better.

It took around 6 weeks for our carers to gain Mrs T’s trust. Louise, the owner/manager of SMAH visited Mrs T on several occasions to also gain her trust. Louise was eventually able to encourage Mrs T that making some changes would be of benefit to her day to day life.

Louise was then able to get Mrs T’s consent to make some positive changes and help her live a more comfortable life.

SMAH set a plan of action into place:

  1. We purchased and delivered a new microwave so Mrs T could have a hot meal every day
  2. We arranged for Mrs T to be referred to the incontinence team
  3. Delivered free incontinence wear when she ran out each week
  4. Arranged for the damaged bed and its contents to be removed from the bedroom and taken to the local rubbish centre
  5. Purchased a new bed, bedding and continence bed protection
  6. and were there when the bed was delivered so we could prepare the new bed for Mrs T’s first night in a comfortable bed, for a very long time.

We are encouraging Mrs T to use the continence aids she now has and to assist her to replace the carpet in the lounge and hope to do this early in the new year

Mrs B

We started Mrs B’s care package with just one call a week, this gradually increased as SMAH noticed she was neglecting herself. Mrs B also had lots of out of date food and she was not able to clean the dishes that filled the kitchen.

We asked Mrs B if she would consider having more visits, at least twice a day. We were concerned she was not eating or drinking enough, she was sometimes confused and was often alone for days on end.

After some phone calls we managed to increase the care visits to Mrs B to twice a day. Mrs B had some memory issues and our carers noticed she had left pans on the stove which had boiled dry.

We contacted social services to see if they could help with some assistive technology and to see if they could assess Mrs B for some additional visits so we could keep her as safe as possible.

Mrs B had not seen her GP for a long time and we felt she needed the doctor to give her a check up.  A memory test was also needed.

Our carers were on hand when the GP visited and we provided a carer to assist the social worker to talk to Mrs B on the phone for her consent to visit to do their assessment for more care.

When Mrs B’s family were unable to speak to the doctors for the results of the memory test, we visited Mrs B to ask for her consent and to ask her to sign a consent form for the doctors to speak with her family.

Sometimes the little things we do, make a huge difference to our service users and their families.

Ian – Stalham

  • Ian is 85 years old
  • He suffers from COPD and cancer of the bone and marrow
  • He also has cataracts

Ian lives in a village in Stalham. He was a navy man. During recent years he has developed COPD and cancer of the bone and marrow. He also has cataracts and relies totally on his oxygen and his carer’s. Sadly, doctors have told him that there is nothing they can do for him. He remains cheerful and cheeky but is very weak and finds all movement extremely tiring. Ian is very happy with the care and support we provide and has total confidence in our service. We will soon be providing overnight care for him.

Victoria – A village near North Walsham

  • Victoria is 95 years old
  • She is unable to walk and has serious mobility problems

Victoria lives in a rural village. Following a fall she was left unable to walk. She slept in her chair, with her commode beside her. She had been unable to go to her usual day centre to have her cherished bath and had to wash from a bowl on the frame. Because of her rural location Norfolk First Support were having to support her for much longer than the usual six weeks and her family found it difficult to find a care provider. Support Me at Home was approached and have been successfully providing support three times a day since then. Victoria has made excellent progress. She is sleeping back in her bed, able to walk with her frame and is now able to have her much loved bath at the day centre.